Biomedical Calibration Equipments

Biomedical Test & Safety Equipments

Industrial Multimeter with Temperature
Accurate voltage and Frequency Measurement on motor drives and electro medical equipment built in thermometer (-200 to 1090 deg C).
Electrical Safety Analyser
Electrical Safety Analyser with built in AAMI & IEC Switchable Loads,5/10 Patient Loads , and optional Arrhythmia Simulation.
Automated Electrical Safety Analyser
Es601 plus provides the most complete testing to IEC 601 2nd & 3rd Editions. Large LCD,Non Volatile Memory USB & RS 232 Connectivity PC interface with software.
ECG 100 Simulator
Basic ECG Simulator with Snap/Banana pin 10 Lead connectivity. Work Horse with more than 1000 installations.
ECG Simulator with Arrhythmia
Low cost ECG Simulator with built in Arrhythmia Simulation for Monitors.
Upgradable Multipara Simulator
ECG/Resp/Temp/ 4IBP Simulator with future upgradable to cardiac output and foetal simulation.

Low Cost Spo2 Simulator
Lub Dub Offers OXSIM- Low Cost Spo2 Simulator Capability to test Nellcor/Masimo/Phili ps & Datex Ohmeda Technologies.
Higher End Spo2 Simulator
Designs to test wide variety of pulse oximeter and has Amplitutde adjust ment, preset patient parameter alarm testing and report printing functions.
Spo2 Probe Tester
Sensitest can be used to test all type of Spo2 Sensor,it checks the RED LED, IR LED, and Photo Diode response..
Low Cost NIBP Simulation
Simcube is a Low Cost NIBP Simulator with built in ECG/IBP.
Higher End NIBP Simulator
Lub Dub Offers ACCUSIM- is a world most accurate BP Simulator with 7 Adult,6 Neonates BP Presets.It has USB/RS 232 ports for connectivity.
Infusion Pump Tester
Better than 1% Accuracy on all pumps including Baxter, Alaris etc. Battery and mains operated with built in Data storage Reporting. USB/RS 232 connectivity with PC software.
Defibrillator/Pacer Analyser
World first analyzer specifically designed to test Pulsed-Biphasic Defibs. It also can be used for monophasic, Biphasic,Pulsed Multiphasic, AED and Pacers.
Low Cost Analog ESU Analyser
ESU-2000 is most effective and cheapest ESU analyzer in the world.
Advanced ESU Analyser
Digital ESU Analyser with built in test loads and it checks all Diathermy Machines and it has got a USB/RS 232 Connectivity.
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